Atop Volcano Poas

The countryside in Costa Rica is stunningly lush and green, especially during the rainy season. But my most significant appreciation of Costa Rica's topography came from a visit to Mount Poas, an extinct volcano. We arrived in the evening after a long drive up winding dirt roads. During the trek up we had stopped briefly … Continue reading Atop Volcano Poas

Years Ago

Standing at the kitchen counter, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, working on your car. My mind spins back 31 years to just before we met... Standing in my living room, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, throwing baseballs. … Continue reading Years Ago

A First Memorable Moment

I have accepted an invitation from Joelle to participate in her very cool monthly writing prompt. This month we have been asked to write 120 words about  "Your Most Memorable Moment."  One particular moment comes to mind and although it's not my most memorable it ranks pretty high up there. Here we go. An old and … Continue reading A First Memorable Moment

Throw Your Arms Around Me, (Please).

Mark Seymour and Hunters and Collectors with their song, Throw Your Arms Around Me. From the first time I saw this video, I became a Mark Seymour groupie-wanna-be! By Amanda ricks

The Fire That Ignites The Flames

Often people struggling in toxic and or dysfunctional relationships will first blame themselves. This phenomenon is a result of "gaslighting," or other blame inducing tactics by the other dysfunctional people in the relationship. By Amanda Ricks