I Wish To Be…


I love photography but am a terrible photographer. Figures, right? I just don't seem to have the right eye for creating a good photo. However, not to be deterred by a lack of talent I keep myself busy snapping away on my iPhone. Unfortunately, though, I have a particular love of macro flower photography, but … Continue reading I Wish To Be…

Pebble Shadows

I decided to have some fun with my rookie photo editing techniques. These are photographs of my daughter's precious cat, Pebbles. By Amanda Ricks

Dusted With Spring Snow

This photograph is so lovely with the little white spring flowers. But I love how it also looks as if it could be have just been dusted with the first snow of the season. Yes, the colder weather is here.   Photo is courtesy of my tumblr site: https://surprisinglives.tumblr.com/

Pretty Is Just Pretty

The photograph is wonderful simply because the flowers are so pretty. If you had a bunch of flowers like this anywhere you put them would be that little be nicer and happier because pretty is just pretty. By Amanda Ricks