I Wish To Be…


I love photography but am a terrible photographer. Figures, right? I just don't seem to have the right eye for creating a good photo. However, not to be deterred by a lack of talent I keep myself busy snapping away on my iPhone. Unfortunately, though, I have a particular love of macro flower photography, but … Continue reading I Wish To Be…

Jinx’s Wish


My younger daughter's cat, Jinx, had started hanging around downstairs in the basement apt although my daughters and I live on the upper floors of our house. But we, ( and I think her too, secretly), really wanted her to spend more time with us again. So we went on a campaign to reassure Jinx that upstairs … Continue reading Jinx’s Wish

The Road Taken One Evening

A few photos that my daughter, @samanthaleighwilson, took of the sun setting on "The Road Taken" when she walked home one evening. The Road Taken

Falling Asleep With A Good Book


"The best way to fall asleep is with a good book." Photo via Surprisinglives by Amanda Ricks