Atop Volcano Poas

The countryside in Costa Rica is stunningly lush and green, especially during the rainy season.

But my most significant appreciation of Costa Rica’s topography came from a visit to Mount Poas, an extinct volcano.

We arrived in the evening after a long drive up winding dirt roads.

During the trek up we had stopped briefly and I had found the clearest, cold, and refreshing creek. The crisp, bright taste of the water still lives on my tongue, many years later.

In the morning, as the sun crept up over the horizon, I started my climb up to Poas’ rim. The path twisted and turned with walls of greenery all around me. Utter silence.

Suddenly, without warning, my tunnel of green opened and there it was. The crater of Poas.

There were no barriers or fences, so I was standing feet from the edge. I looked down and saw the oddly green coloured water at the bottom of the crater. It felt exhilarating yet scary.

I stayed up there, all by myself, just soaking it all in. It felt as if I was Atop of the world.


Hey Google, This May Be Why People Are Ad Blocking

I don’t want to block all ads, quite a few of my friends have ads on their websites, and I want to support them. But, Google, I think you should know why people are ad blocking. Or at least a few of the reasons.

I tend to use Google for many of my online searches, primarily work related ones. I also use a few great Google extensions. The combination of useful extensions and (still), the most applicable search results keep me loyal to Google.

But…Your advertising algorithms are getting tiresome. The algorithms are stupid, I mean literally.

Here is a list of some of the companies featured in the advertising that you think I should see.

WordPress??? Talk about a waste of an advertisement, I already use WordPress’s services extensively and have done so for years!

Grammarly??? Again, we, (my kids and I), are already a Grammarly customer and have been for some time.

Amazon??? This one really drives me nuts because not only am I already a loyal Amazon customer but the ads that I get are for items I have already purchased! Sometimes, just a short time ago.

PayPal??? Again, really dumb because I am a long-time personal and business customer of PayPal!

PicMonkey??? Yes, you guessed it, I have been using PicMonkey for years.

Not only are the above advertisements useless and frustrating but the exact same ads show up repeatedly, everywhere I go! So regardless of people being pissed at the lack of privacy that Google doesn’t afford them, I’m pretty sure that stupid, irrelevant, and repeated adverts put them off. I know they do me.

Thanks for listening, Google.

Authors note: I just came across this article about Google and from The NY Post, saying, “The company’s (Google) algorithm, which it uses to filter out unsavory content when placing ads, is also secret. But now it’s also clear it doesn’t work.The Times of London was the first to reveal Google’s glitch, with an investigation…”

It fits so perfectly with the point I was making in regards to Google’s malfunctioning algorithm I had to add a snippet.


Years Ago

Standing at the kitchen counter, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, working on your car.

My mind spins back 31 years to just before we met…

Standing in my living room, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, throwing baseballs.

We were young and ready to fall in love. Now, we’re older and ready to throw in the towel.

I prefer to let my mind spin back 31 years.

A First Memorable Moment

I have accepted an invitation from Joelle to participate in her very cool monthly writing prompt. This month we have been asked to write 120 words about  “Your Most Memorable Moment.” 

One particular moment comes to mind and although it’s not my most memorable it ranks pretty high up there.

Here we go.

An old and worn photo of Chocy Box and myself.

When I was a young girl, Chocy Box, formally known as Chocolate Box, was my horse and best friend. But he did have a mind of his own and was considerably bigger than I was so he usually won.

One day, though, a bright sunny day, Chocy Box and I soared over a clear round of jumps. I was breathless with the taste of victory and pride.

That was the day I really felt my first true sense of accomplishment. I had achieved a goal after a lot of work, all by myself.

Chocy Box and I celebrated with a well-deserved bucket of oats and some Orange Squash. Pure joy.


I Wish To Be…

I love photography but am a terrible photographer. Figures, right? I just don’t seem to have the right eye for creating a good photo.

However, not to be deterred by a lack of talent I keep myself busy snapping away on my iPhone. Unfortunately, though, I have a particular love of macro flower photography, but here in Canada, right now, there isn’t a flower in sight.

However, never fear, I found a sprig of old fake flowers and took aim. Then after a few “editing” touches, voila! My interpretation of a macro flower.

Yeah I know, horrible. Oh, dear, I Wish I was a real photographer.

Jinx’s Wish

My younger daughter’s cat, Jinx, had started hanging around downstairs in the basement apt although my daughters and I live on the upper floors of our house.

But we, ( and I think her too, secretly), really wanted her to spend more time with us again. So we went on a campaign to reassure Jinx that upstairs was the “preferred” place in the house, where all the cool people lived, that we loved her very much and wanted her to hang out with us more.

Our wish was to have Jinx, (or Jinxy), join the “girls,” camp! We were successful as you can see, she loves her new “upstairs” spot on an old cozy blanket. And we love having her back.

Sleep tight sweet Jinx.

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