Are Influencers Really Influencing Anything?

Not long ago a couple of the latest lists of so-called, social media and marketing “Influencers” were published. Congratulations to all of the deserving influencers. These latest lists looked quite impressive because the authors had included backup information about the process and criteria used to create these bills of influence. Because there were data and calculations listed

Image But We Love Him
Buddy is the eldest of our cats and reigns supreme as pack leader.

Admittedly, he’s losing it a little and has developed a few funny habits. I seem to be spending a lot of extra time accommodating his special requests.
But I don’t mind the extra effort because we all still love Buddy a lot.

Video The Real Long And Winding Road

My friend, Skipah @Skipahsrealm was quick to let me know that I may have committed sacrilege when I titled a post last week “The Long And Winding Road.” The thing is that I made the title completely forgetting thIt i was using the same title as George Harrison’s song.

HOWEVER, Skipah also committed sacrilege because it was Paul mcCartney that wrote the song! Thank you @oglach, at least someone knows what they’re talking about!

So, in an effort not to be haunted by the ghost of George, as Skipah has suggested that I might be, or Sir Paul when the day comes, I offer this post as an apology.

If you really love this song you can get it at the link below. Paul and George will be super happy. I think. I hope. Just say I sent you.

The Long And Winding Road

Image Peace Amongst Chaos

It feels as if our world is in a crisis. Chaos reigns. People are yelling about racism, building walls around entire countries, corruption, and war. Thank goodness our precious planet still offers peaceful harbors such as the one in this photograph. Beautiful green nature and fresh lakes beckoning our weary souls. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Photograph courtesy of Jannik Heck from Instagram

Video love is in the trying

Bless his heart, Dear Terry of Spearfruit, has written the most touching and beautiful post that relates to a comment I made for him on one of his posts. I told him that ‘Love is in the trying” when it comes to our children and how we have to let go of our guilt that we have let our kids down or not done enough for them.

But we need to give ourselves some slack. Forgive ourselves. Stopping judging ourselves for perhaps situations that we had no control over and things that we didn’t know any better at the time. As long as we keep trying, that is where the love for our kids lies. Hence the saying, love is in the trying.

Please visit Terry’s amazing blog to read this post and many more incredible and insightful ones.

love is in the trying

The Video is also included in Spearfruit’s post.

Visit Me In Toronto This Summer!

Find out the highlights of some of the great things happening in Toronto this summer of 2016. Beautiful photographs give you a glimpse at what you can expect. Links to informational sites provided. By Amanda Ricks

Image Cucumbers On Top

Me: Amanda (Just a few years ago!)

One summer we decided to visit one of my favourite places, Niagara-On-The-Lake, in Ontario Canada, for the weekend. If you get the chance to visit this lovely town, do so, because it really is one of the prettiest towns I’ve even seen. Niagara-On-The-Lake is also the home of The Shaw Festival every year for theatre enthusiasts.

The main architectural centrepiece of town is the Prince of Whales Hotel. Perhaps you can see the red sign in the background of the above photograph. We stayed at this hotel and I loved everything about the stay.

The “cucumbers on top,” or “cherry on top

of the trip was when we had dinner in the hotel restaurant and I had the best Chilled Cucumber Soup in the world. Everything about the soup was perfection.

Although I didn’t take a photograph of my soup at the time here is a photo of Cucumber Soup from The Rachel Ray Show and I have included the link for you can get her great recipe. Try it, you’ll like it. Yum.

The visit was definitely a severely magical thing.

Photo and recipe

Image Mirrors Are Old Hat
An unrelated but nonetheless ‘Official Selfie.’

Apparently, mirrors are only for those of us born of a certain “older” generation. Today, the way to check your makeup is to take a selfie.

~An ‘Observation’ shared by Amanda Ricks

Image Mia

Mia (and I) finally taking a break after a busy day.

I do feel like a silly old cat lady lately. My cat Mia is my best friend right now.

She has minimal “Baggage” or “stuff” to interfere in our relationship. She loves to do everything that I do. She’s a low maintenance but devoted companion. She’s nice and compact and doesn’t take up too much room if I have lots of paperwork out.

Mia loves just to drop by for quick “Hi, I love you” “Pat and purrs” that doesn’t interrupt everything I’m doing for extended periods of time. She has the best purr I’ve ever heard in my life.

Perhaps Mia’s coolest personality trait is that although she’s a petite, loving tabby girl, inside she’s a warrior. She is the one who prowls the windows at night, keeping all stray cats and raccoons away and warning us of anything amiss. If the cat world weren’t so patriarchal she would be pack leader in our house for sure.

Most of all, she simply gives me great comfort. I can literally feel the stress leave my body when she comes and snuggles up with me. Ahhhh

Image Introducing me: Editor Emily!

Image courtesy of  #shirayukimizore

Why hello there! My name is Emily (stated in the title of this post of course). I am officially a new editor to Severely Magical Things so I thought I’d politely introduce myself to you! I will admit I’m new to this website so I’m a little nervous to try it out. But I’ve been told the people here can be really nice so I shall be as well!

So, as a starter, let’s get to know me a little bit more: First of all, I’m what society considers a “nerd”, I love video games, anime/manga, and card games. Second of all, I love writing! I have my own account on Wattpad where I write fictional stories about things I like because it’s my passion! Third of all, I may be very shy in real life, but online, I love to talk and interact with people!

So now that I’ve expressed a little bit about myself, how about you tell me a little bit about yourselves as well in the comments? I’d love to see what you and others have to say! I’ll make sure to reply! Farewell for now!

-Emily <3

Image If I Were A Princess

If I were a princess I would have a country estate filled with only the best, people waiting to attend to my beck and call and acres of wonderful countryside to wander and explore.

Unfortunately, I might also have a husband named Charles, who acted really pompous like he was king and who had a compulsion for phone sex with his lover Camilla.

Photo via Johnny Foy from Instagram


Image Flowers For Algernon

Flowers For Algernon.  I have seen a few different movie interpretations, read the book and the original short story. From my first introduction I admittedly found it haunting on many levels. Brilliantly haunting. The title just came to me for unknown reasons when I saw this photograph.

If you can I would highly recommend reading the quick write-up from the link I have attached. It’s a good summary of the author and the progression of the story.

Photo by Elisabeth Dunker from Instagram


Image Rub My Tummy, Please

This cat manages to look very sweet and adorable lounging so comfortably in bed. Admittedly when I see cats do things like this I have been known to think to myself: “Oh, I want to come back as a cat in my next life!”

via :—

How lovely we (as in the royal we, of course,)  have been featured on

Katzenworld’s Happy Tummy Rub Tuesday! #111

Image #Too cute #bunny #aborable

I admit I adore Bunnies! We have had three dwarf rabbits over the years and they are the sweetest, cuddly  little pets. But never fear, they are also brave little things. Our first dwarf Rabbit  “Pookie” ruled the whole household, including all 6 cats that we had at the time!

via surprisinglives: #Too cute #bunny #aborable —

Image Blurry Pine Forest

from500px: Blurry Pine Forest by sorstrommen

There’s something about forests that bring back great memories for me.

When I was younger and living in England I would often ride my horse in the New Hampshire Forests. As if it was yesterday, I can still hear the soft thud that his hooves would make on the packed forest ground. It felt as if there was complete silence except for his hoof beats.

I found it freeing and also comforting wandering those forests with my horse.

Image Light Through the Clouds

from500px: **Light Through the Clouds** by Damian McCudden Photography

Some people only accept “true” or absolutely untouched photography as the “real” thing. However, from knowing a photographer in the past I have learned that very rarely does such a thing exist. Therefore, I’m fine with photos that have another step of enhancement added.

via from500px: **Light Through the Clouds** by… —

Image Future Daisy Storms

Daisy in a Storm.

Having the correct and acceptable positive attitude does not grant us any greater amount of control over inevitable, unseen, and unknown future circumstances. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to “think” or “attitude” oneself out of life’s storms.

Perhaps a more realistic perspective would be to accept the unknown, traverse these storms, and come out the other end with an appreciation for the beauty of a simple daisy.  ~ Amanda

<a href=””>Future</a>

Image Our view out the backdoor

This is our view directly out our back door. Sometimes the sunrises are so spectacular and full of beautiful colors. The wisteria lines the fence and the trees frame the sunrise.

via Our view out the backdoor | Manvel, Texas Photographer — Sonya Lira Photography

I have been a fan of Sonya Lira’s Photography for a long time, therefore, I am pleased to offer this beautiful example. This gorgeous sunrise and her beautiful backyard make me want to move to Texas!

Quote Somewhere Else

This Art Photo Quote is available at 

I hope you like this Art/Photo and Quote that I am posting for the WP Photo Challenge —Life Imitates Art. I chose it because I see it as a contradiction to the phrase. The message is showing present life versus the dream of a different future life. However, the medium in which the message is being depicted could be called art. In other words, Art, in this case, is imitating Life.

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Quote You Smiled

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Quote Your Kiss

©2016 Amanda Ricks

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Quote You Are My Sunshine

© 2016 Amanda Ricks

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Image A Trio Of Chesters

We came home one day and found this poor skinny ginger and white cat in our backyard. My Mother who was staying with us during some medical care she was receiving immediately took to him. He returned the affection and they fast became friends. We left them to bond.

The next day we heard frantic yells and knocking at our door from my Mother. It turned out that “Chester” was actually three brothers who had for reasons unknown suddenly shown up in our backyard half starving. They all stayed for the summer and when the weather started to turn cooler the brothers and my Mother all moved in together for a winter of warmth and companionship.


photo via by daughter and not an original of “Chester”

Image A Treat Of A View

New York City looking from The Empire State Building

I have had the beautiful and unique pleasure of travelling to many corners of the world. However, later in life as an adult, I finally had the opportunity to visit New York City and I instantly fell in love.

The multitude of horror stories about New York was completely fictitious. We walked for endless miles on clean streets, within safe neighbourhoods. There was Transit Police present during every trip we took. Everyone was friendly and courteous but not trying to immediately con or rip us off.

It was such a treat to go to all the places that were mentioned so many times in all the books that I had read. What a treat as well to have my picture taken at One Police Plaza! The Russian Tea Room, Carnegie Hall, Broadway, Times Square, The Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty all before our second day! My poor husband collapsed in the hotel, so I left him there and off I went again to explore some more.

New York City is my biggest treat. It has everything you could want. History, Theatre, Shopping, sight seeing and of course celebrity spotting! The best treat to end each day was at The Broadway Deli. This take-out deli has anything and everything you could ever want. Plus it all tastes delicious and doesn’t cost a fortune. Where else in the world would you find such a treat?


Image Earth’s Entry

“Earth’s Entry” by sweetpeaandbell

I love photography. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with the innate talent that I feel is needed to convey an emotional message onto an image through a photograph. Nevertheless, I am moved, inspired, enlightened, awed and even changed by some of the magnificent photographs that I have seen.

The subjects include nature, animals, our world, people, and things. Everything it seems has a story. We just have to stop, look the right way and be open to seeing it.

This photograph almost mesmerises me. It’s beautiful, soft and gentle. The title suggests beginnings, new things, fresh starts, and innocence. Yet that dark heavy suitcase is trailing in from behind. What’s in there? Why? I wonder so many different things.