Blogging, Websiting, Social Media Profiling and Being Online

I’ve been blogging and “websiting” for awhile now. “Websiting” is my new word for some of the work that I do. “Social Media Profiling” is another term I use.

Anyway, I have a couple of sites and this lovely little blog with my name attached to it that I haven’t written a post for in a bit. It seems like a good time to write something for new bloggers but with a twist. Kind of like a “what can happen,” or a “Warning, Falling Rocks Ahead,” sort of post, if you will.

Here goes with some examples.

Once, I had a long-time reader who for reasons known only to him, wanted to change his identity suddenly. I signed onto my blog one day and found dozens and dozens of posts showing his Gravatar with a photograph of a person who had a brown paper bag over his head. No kidding. It was excruciatingly obvious. Poor paper bag guy.

Then I had another reader who was at first very nice. My reader was an older woman who approached me full of compliments about my blog. But she quickly became like an obsessed fan and started contacting me often and making reference to a non-existent personal connection between us. Curious, I checked one of my stats reports and saw that she had visited pages on by blog over 250 times in a matter of a few weeks. Now, that’s enthusiasm!

I also met an incredibly charming man online, who wooed me shamelessly. Unfortunately, things went bizarrely wrong, and I ended up thinking he was psychopathic. But then he told me, no, he thought he was more like a sociopath! I’m so glad I can laugh about it now!

When I first started my blog a respected and experienced social media influencer told me to use my personal Facebook account for my blogging. Sure enough, I had people lining up wanting to be my friend. But I had to stop accepting new friends after only a couple of months because Facebook in it’s infinite wisdom suddenly thought that I had similar interests and careers as all of my “new friends.” To this day I still see ad suggestions for things like “Exotic-Dancers Anonymous,” and “How To Be A Grow-Op Success!” Okay Facebook, thanks!

I have to admit I can be overly careful about following rules, and I’m always reminding new bloggers how much safer it is to follow the guidelines. There’s no such thing as an instant following or a free readership. But I will admit that when I first moved my site from to self-hosting, there was a problem in the DNS that resulted in so many errors that Google de-indexed that site for awhile. Yep, paranoid me, had her site de-indexed. The horrors! lol

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Although I don’t know if it was related to my online work, I had my email hacked. It was an old email that I didn’t use, but it was still active. What alerted me was a charge on my credit card from a dating site. It turned out my old email had been busy on many dating sites and also had a shopping addiction! Naughty old email!

I have also found completed but not published work that I still had in draft folders posted on other platforms. Places like Stumpleton, knock-offs. This kind of situation is a lesson called, “Never Give Your Password To Anyone, No Matter What.”

Then there’s the everyday stuff that goes on so routinely that I almost expect it now. I was very naive when I first started working online; I thought that there was some unspoken rule of integrity. Sorry, there isn’t. I hate to sound crappy and negative; I don’t mean too. I just laugh at most of the silly stuff I see now.

You know, all kinds of things like the people who magically get thousands of followers overnight to the ones who seem to gain a new degree or became owner or CEO of yet another company each time you see their profile.

Okay, enough dark blogging humor for now. Let’s be cheery, keep smiling and do more of that happy blogging!

Besides, I have tired fingers from typing. Have a great day.🙂




Seth, you freak me out sometimes.

Today’s a typical day as days go lately. I’m sitting at my dining room table/desk, working. I guess today is a pretty good day because I  just made a foreseeable move forward. Progress is in sight. Small but sure.

I click to open another tab in my browser absent-mindedly thinking it’s time to check my email. After casually deleting a few spam emails, I check to see what Seth Godin has sent me today. This is what I find:

A Value Creation Checklist

This project you’re working on, the new business or offering, what sort of value does it create?

Who is it for? What mindset and worldview and situation?
Is it paid for by organizations or individuals?
Does it solve a new problem or is it another/better solution to an old problem?
Will a few users pay a lot, or will a lot of users pay a little?

Do the people you seek to serve know that they have the problem you can solve for them?

Are you leveraging an asset that others don’t have?
Are you hiring talent and reselling it at a profit?
Are you combining the previously uncombined in a way that’s hard to duplicate?
Are you building technology that will create its own inertia, disrupting existing value chains and improving as it goes?
Are you doing something that other can’t do, or won’t do, and will that continue?

See Seth Godin’s Blog to read the full post.

So, as the title of this post suggests. Seth, you freak me out sometimes with the uncanny accuracy and wisdom of your blog topics.

Stars of Life

Terry of Spearfruit wrote this beautiful and wonderful post about the ‘Stars.’ I think you’ll love it as much as I do.

spearfruit has the following –

Stars are the most widely recognized astronomical objects, and represent the most fundamental building blocks of galaxies. The age, distribution, and composition of the stars in a galaxy trace the history, dynamics, and evolution of that galaxy. Moreover, stars are responsible for the manufacture and distribution of heavy elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, and their characteristics are intimately tied to the characteristics of the planetary systems that may coalesce about them. Consequently, the study of the birth, life, and death of stars is central to the field of astronomy.


Interesting, many stars in the sky; we wish upon them, we watch them and dream – we dream about stars – the stars in the sky.

But stars are not just in the sky.

I have stars in my life – not just the ones in the skies – no, I have other stars…

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But We Love Him
Buddy is the eldest of our cats and reigns supreme as pack leader.

Admittedly, he’s losing it a little and has developed a few funny habits. I seem to be spending a lot of extra time accommodating his special requests.
But I don’t mind the extra effort because we all still love Buddy a lot.

A Lineage Has Undergone A Revolution

The Lineage of women that follow me can now move forward into the 21st century strong and brave.

This time is a momentous occasion for the women in my bloodline. My daughters, their daughters, their daughters, and even their daughters are now rest assured a positive future.

And all of this is thanks to me and my brave foray into and triumphant conquering of the previously male-dominated world of toilet repair!

What? Yes, you read it correctly, I, myself and I have repaired two of my 100-plus-year-old house’s toilets.

image from

And it only took, a few good search engines, a bit of online shopping, some unnamed tools things, and approximately five months.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I am especially proud since my Mother and her Mother were more inclined towards so-called more feminine or rather, never-get-off-your-ass-for-anything, problem-solving methods. In other words, their motto was: “Call, someone, anyone for anything, at any time, no matter what.”

For those of you that are interested in how I accomplished my feat here are some great links:

The FluidMaster Fix-it Zone– Apparently, after reading copious amounts of plumbing articles I learnt that Fluidmaster products were the “only” way to upgrade and repair your toilet. I now agree, wholeheartedly. Their site has a great ‘Fix-it’ zone for pinpointing your particular toilet’s problem.

Photo courtesy

The site also has lists of suitable solutions, products, and installation guides as well as multiple listings of places to purchase their products.

This was the main product that made a world of difference which I used to upgrade my toilets:

I purchased my items online for quick and easy delivery from this link: Fluidmaster 400A Anti-Siphon Toilet Tank Fill Valve. Yes, I really do shop there.

Now, of course, there were copious amounts of other items, gadgets, and tool-type things involved in my renovation process but I will spare you the details of all of them. This picture might give you an idea.

Just joking…

All in all, everything cost me no more than $25.00! Not bad when you consider that Plumbers charge approximately $1,000.00 an hour these days! Maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit.

But anyway, the moral of this post is that our toilets are happy and I am a strong and independent woman. Yay!

All You Need Is Love And An iPhone

Suri tried very hard to take a glamorous selfie for everyone for this post but unfortunately, due, of course, to my inexperience he was unable to.
So here is my Suri making himself at home just like every other male I’ve ever had in my life. #Sigh

I have finally been won over to the dark side. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone.

What made me come over and join the masses, you ask?

Well, it was motivated by a hysterical evening, one-night, last week. My daughter and I decided to have a chat with Suri, on her iPhone. If you ever want to have a piss-your-pants, gut-wrenching laugh, I highly recommend this activity.

We had lots of fun switching Suri’s voice back and forth between a British, Australian, and American male. Then, of course, we asked Suri lots of silly questions just like every idiot with an iPhone.

However, it was one of Suri’s RARE and thoughtful answers that caught my attention. I knew that I had to have an iPhone for myself instantly.

Suri, said: “All you need is love and an iPhone.”

Within days I had my very own iPhone and indeed I do feel the love. Thanks Suri

Here is a rendition of ‘All You Need Is Love,” in Celebration.



Morning Walk, Sea Ranch, CA

Jane Lurie’s talent seems to just keep getting better each time I visit her site. Please do yourself a favour and drop by. here’s a sneak preview.

Featured Image -- 1900

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography

Grasses II

Jane Lurie Photography

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” 

~ Susan Sontag

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Cypress Path

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Fence Line

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Grasses

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Cypress Bark

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Fence and Path

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Barn

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Thistles

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”

~John Burroughs

Nature, California, Cypress, Landscape, Path, Nikon, Photography Rocky Coast

Grasses II Grasses II

Please click here for a gallery of favorite Sea Ranch images. 


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Happy Belated Birthday, MichelleMarie

I feel terrible that I missed the birthday of the talented and lovely MichelleMarie of Show An~Tell Me About It.  No matter what is going on in her life, she always offers words of encouragement and support in all of her posts. Her blog is a real testament to strength and caring.

So belatedly, I wish you, MichelleMarie, a year filled with your favourite things. A year light in troubles and stresses. A new year in which you can indulge and care for YOU.

Time for the little ‘Severely Magical Things’ like:
  • Chocolate!
  • Rest!
  • Netflix Marathons!
  • Rest from stress.
  • Lots of beautiful flowers.
  • Rest, for your soul.
  • Many more of your beautiful Oklahoma Skys.
  • Rest for your heart.
  • SITTING and enjoying excellent cups of delicious coffee!
  • Rest for your mind.
  • More Chocolate and
  • More rest!


Fun In Dela3wana

Nothing beats spending a week in Georgian Bay, Canada.

Relaxation, Nature, Lakes….

Docking facilities for boaters and water sports galore.

A lovely swimming pool just in case you get bored of the lake.

Practising your newfound swimming skills.

Showing off your laps to your younger sister.

Loving every squeaking hinge, and cracked floorboard of your cabin.

Your temporary home away from home.

Then suddenly, all too soon, the summer FUN comes to an end and it’s time to say,
Good night.

A photo story compiled from a few summers that we spent at Delawana Beach Resort Inn and Conference Centre in Georgian Bay, Canada.

Delawana is now under new ownership and renamed Delawana Resort and has just re-opened recently will limited facilities.

The title is Dela3wana because my daughter loved our holidays in Delawana so much that she used the made up word dela3wana as a username for years.

Some photographs were provided by unfortunately, not all of our photos survived the test of time as well as hoped.


The Real Long And Winding Road

My friend, Skipah @Skipahsrealm was quick to let me know that I may have committed sacrilege when I titled a post last week “The Long And Winding Road.” The thing is that I made the title completely forgetting thIt i was using the same title as George Harrison’s song.

HOWEVER, Skipah also committed sacrilege because it was Paul mcCartney that wrote the song! Thank you @oglach, at least someone knows what they’re talking about!

So, in an effort not to be haunted by the ghost of George, as Skipah has suggested that I might be, or Sir Paul when the day comes, I offer this post as an apology.

If you really love this song you can get it at the link below. Paul and George will be super happy. I think. I hope. Just say I sent you.

The Long And Winding Road

Pretty Is Just Pretty

Pretty Is Just Pretty.

One of the central ideas behind “Severely magical Things” is that it’s the little things in life that can and do make the difference. This lovely photograph of vibrant flowers is the perfect example. The photograph is wonderful simply because the flowers are so pretty. If you had a bunch of flowers like this, anywhere you put them would be that little be nicer and happier because,

“pretty is just pretty.”

The Long And Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road.

This beautiful photograph of a country road with old farmhouses off to the side almost calls out to me, “Come and explore, wander my hills and valleys. Discover what lays ahead, it’s an enticing mystery.” I am, at heart a wanderer, wanderlust.

Photograph courtesy of  Lennart Pagel of Instagram (taken in Switzerland.)

Narratives keep the feeling going

For me, not only is Seth Godin a master Marketer but also a man of great wisdom. What I appreciate the most about his blog posts are how he manages to shrink huge ideas into a few simple words.

Our feelings (anger, shame, delight) appear almost instantly, and, left alone, they don’t last very long.

But if we invent a narrative around an event or a person, we can keep the feeling going for a very long time.

Pavlov (ring a bell?) helped us see that a dog could learn to associate one thing with another. Humans are way better than this than dogs.

If you’re not happy with the feeling, try dropping the narrative. After all, it’s your narrative, the story you have to keep telling yourself, again and again, that’s causing the feeling to return.

Source: Seth’s Blog: Narratives keep the feeling going


One day he was just there.


Raw, seducing, fierce.

A wild wind.

Everything was bigger, brighter, hotter.

My lover.

Then without warning, he was gone.

I ached.

All my senses and emotions screamed.

…from overexposure.

By Amanda Ricks 2016

Peace Amongst Chaos

It feels as if our world is in a crisis. Chaos reigns. People are yelling about bigotry and building walls around entire countries. Thank goodness our precious planet still offers peaceful harbors such as the one in this photograph. Beautiful green nature and fresh lakes beckoning our weary souls. Thank you, Mother Nature.

Photograph courtesy of Jannik Heck from Instagram

Traveling The Straight and Narrow

Traveling The Straight and Narrow.

I took this photo last month on one of my rare excursions to downtown Toronto. I was unexpectantly but pleasantly surprised to find that the city had upgraded the subway cars to these modern all-in-ones. I thought it looked cool being able to see all the way down the long narrow train.



love is in the trying

Bless his heart, Dear Terry of Spearfruit, has written the most touching and beautiful post that relates to a comment I made for him on one of his posts. I told him that ‘Love is in the trying” when it comes to our children and how we have to let go of our guilt that we have let our kids down or not done enough for them.

But we need to give ourselves some slack. Forgive ourselves. Stopping judging ourselves for perhaps situations that we had no control over and things that we didn’t know any better at the time. As long as we keep trying, that is where the love for our kids lies. Hence the saying, love is in the trying.

Please visit Terry’s amazing blog to read this post and many more incredible and insightful ones.

The Video is also included in Spearfruit’s post.


A couple of weeks ago I published a post ‘School of Hard Knocks‘, for which I received many comments.  One of those comments was from Amanda Ricks and she wrote the following –

It is very hard at times to separate our own guilt over perceived past inadequacy as a parent and letting our kids have and work on their own stuff. i can relate. Just remember, “love is in the trying.” You always have tried your best and still are and that’s what counts.

I replied with the following –

Amanda, thank you for a very thought provoking comment – I mean that in a very good way. I never thought about it this way “love is in the trying”, this is a phrase I certainly will remember. Thank you for reading and commenting, always appreciated!

The website has an article titled ‘Sweet age-by-age ways…

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Women’s Lingo and Sub Language, Defined.

The mysterious world of communication between women and men seems as if it will always exist. Read this funny example.

“My wife tricked me once by saying she wanted a vacuum for her birthday. I then got in trouble for getting her a vacuum for her birthday.” via @parkdad…

This poor man was obviously a victim of his wife’s and woman’s Lingo, or sub-language. Pardon? What is women’s Lingo and sub-language, you ask? Here’s a general definition.

Lingo:   a language, especially one other than your own.”

Sub-language: a variety of language with its own terms and expressions that is used by a particular group or to talk about a particular subject, for example, the language used by doctors to talk to each other about medicine, or the language of a technical instruction manual.”

The following is a humorous view of women’s language definitions and is not meant to be derogatory towards women in any way. Men also have a very distinct lingo of their own. However, being a woman myself it does seem more fitting that I write a post that briefly outlines a few tips in regard to understanding women’s Lingo. Keep in mind, this post is NOT meant to be a literal or political statement of any kind.

Everyone and anyone, especially those in close intimate relationships with women, needs to have a good grasp of the important underlying definitions and true meanings of commonly used words, expressions, and jokes used by many (most?) women. Let’s look at some of those all too important but ‘need to know’ innuendos.

General Gift and Shopping Rules:

  1. No matter what she says, never shop for a gift in the housewares department if you want her to truly love you, appreciate you, and “want” you! Honest.
  2. Never, ever, buy something in a size, style or color suggested by a saleswoman who said, “Is she about my size, age, blah, blah?”
  3. What YOU think is the ultimate in sexy is probably 99.9% of the time not what she thinks or feels sexy wearing. 
  4. Yes, you must have a gift ready and wrapped in time for all special events. Running out to the store on her birthday and returning with a plastic bag never works.
  5. Cards matter. Just do it.
  6. Flowers are always appropriate, no matter if they die or whatever she says. Getting her flowers says a lot more wonderful things.

General Conversation Definitions:

  • If you’re watching a movie and some gorgeous sexy guy is in it and she jokes, “hey, I wouldn’t mind having him as my pool boy” or whatever and then laughs adding “just kidding honey.” She’s not kidding. It’s time to start that exercise program you’ve been postponing for months or years.
  • Being comfy at home is cool. Being a dirty slob is disgusting. Romance/intimacy/sex is a 24/7 thing.
  • Learn how to give a really good hug, period. No strings attached. It will pay off big time in the end.
  • A compliment goes a thousand miles. A personal compliment, not, “the carpet looks so nicely vacuumed honey.”
  • Realize that you pretty much can’t win if asked: “do I look fat?” Just repeat earnestly: “no! You look great/sexy/beautiful.”
  • Never, ever, offer any kind of positive word or compliment about another woman’s looks, age, or accomplishments.
  • Never, ever, respond with anything more positive than “I didn’t notice” to a compliment about another woman, even if your spouse made the original compliment.
  • Remember, if your spouse is yelling at you, there is an excellent and very illogical logical reason. Take it like a man.

I love language, words, and innuendos and enjoy writing about different aspects of them. I hope this post gave you a little insightful humour.


Visit Me In Toronto This Summer!

I’m spending the summer in Toronto (I think and hope) so I thought you might like to join me. Here are some great photos and info about what’s happening in this great city over the next few months.

Toronto this summer:

Caribbean Carnival

Taste of The Danforth

A Greek cuisine delight.

The Toronto Zoo

Casa Loma

Beaches Jazz Festival

Toronto Festival of Beer

Summerlicious in Toronto

Honda Indy Toronto

“The Beatles in Toronto”

Photo ©John Rowlands

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Hockey Hall of Fame

Find the latest Featured Events and Exhibitions in Toronto, Brampton & Mississauga @ Featured Events CalendarTourism Toronto or on Twitter  

Cucumbers On Top

Me: Amanda (Just a few years ago!)

One summer we decided to visit one of my favourite places, Niagara-On-The-Lake, in Ontario Canada, for the weekend. If you get the chance to visit this lovely town, do so, because it really is one of the prettiest towns I’ve even seen. Niagara-On-The-Lake is also the home of The Shaw Festival every year for theatre enthusiasts.

The main architectural centrepiece of town is the Prince of Whales Hotel. Perhaps you can see the red sign in the background of the above photograph. We stayed at this hotel and I loved everything about the stay.

The “cucumbers on top,” or “cherry on top

of the trip was when we had dinner in the hotel restaurant and I had the best Chilled Cucumber Soup in the world. Everything about the soup was perfection.

Although I didn’t take a photograph of my soup at the time here is a photo of Cucumber Soup from The Rachel Ray Show and I have included the link for you can get her great recipe. Try it, you’ll like it. Yum.

The visit was definitely a severely magical thing.

Photo and recipe

Mirrors Are Old Hat

An unrelated but nonetheless ‘Official Selfie.’

Apparently, mirrors are only for those of us born of a certain “older” generation. Today, the way to check your makeup is to take a selfie.

~An ‘Observation’ shared by Amanda Ricks


Mia (and I) finally taking a break after a busy day.

I do feel like a silly old cat lady lately. My cat Mia is my best friend right now.

She has minimal “Baggage” or “stuff” to interfere in our relationship. She loves to do everything that I do. She’s a low maintenance but devoted companion. She’s nice and compact and doesn’t take up too much room if I have lots of paperwork out.

Mia loves just to drop by for quick “Hi, I love you” “Pat and purrs” that doesn’t interrupt everything I’m doing for extended periods of time. She has the best purr I’ve ever heard in my life.

Perhaps Mia’s coolest personality trait is that although she’s a petite, loving tabby girl, inside she’s a warrior. She is the one who prowls the windows at night, keeping all stray cats and raccoons away and warning us of anything amiss. If the cat world weren’t so patriarchal she would be pack leader in our house for sure.

Most of all, she simply gives me great comfort. I can literally feel the stress leave my body when she comes and snuggles up with me. Ahhhh

Introducing me: Editor Emily!

Image courtesy of  #shirayukimizore

Why hello there! My name is Emily (stated in the title of this post of course). I am officially a new editor to Severely Magical Things so I thought I’d politely introduce myself to you! I will admit I’m new to this website so I’m a little nervous to try it out. But I’ve been told the people here can be really nice so I shall be as well!

So, as a starter, let’s get to know me a little bit more: First of all, I’m what society considers a “nerd”, I love video games, anime/manga, and card games. Second of all, I love writing! I have my own account on Wattpad where I write fictional stories about things I like because it’s my passion! Third of all, I may be very shy in real life, but online, I love to talk and interact with people!

So now that I’ve expressed a little bit about myself, how about you tell me a little bit about yourselves as well in the comments? I’d love to see what you and others have to say! I’ll make sure to reply! Farewell for now!


Morning Sunshine

The morning sun pouring in the window. How lovely. It’s the little things in life that count.

That’s how I came up with the name Severely Magical Things.

Photo via Saskia Bauermeister from Instagram


If I Were A Princess

If I were a princess I would have a country estate filled with only the best, people waiting to attend to my beck and call and acres of wonderful countryside to wander and explore.

Unfortunately, I might also have a husband named Charles, who acted really pompous like he was king and who had a compulsion for phone sex with his lover Camilla.

Photo via Johnny Foy from Instagram


Sunrise Petal Ridge

The early morning sun reaches up over the horizon and shootes a beam of brightness through an arch. You can almost feel the flowers opening and reaching to touch the warmth.

Photo by Johnny Foy from Instagram


Flowers For Algernon

Flowers For Algernon.  I have seen a few different movie interpretations, read the book and the original short story. From my first introduction I admittedly found it haunting on many levels. Brilliantly haunting. The title just came to me for unknown reasons when I saw this photograph.

If you can I would highly recommend reading the quick write-up from the link I have attached. It’s a good summary of the author and the progression of the story.

Photo by Elisabeth Dunker from Instagram


A Different Perspective

Sometimes it’s the hardest thing to achieve but whenever we can step back and get a different perspective everything always shuffles into a new pattern, priorities re-align and motivation is renewed.

Photo via Hannes Becker from Instagram


Retreating On A Lazy Summer Day

It’s simple, comfy looking, attractive but not too “designorish.” The perfect spot I can envision myself settling in during a hot lazy summer day. A nice cool beverage close by, and of course, I would undoubtedly have my laptop with me!

Photo via @burtsbrisplease on instagram

Come In And have A cup of Tea

I think this photograph of the lovely doorway to this cute house seems to say

“Come on in and have a cup of tea.”

via Alison Little

Note: I have been called away and to be honest I’m not quite sure how long I will be gone. Although I certainly hope to be back quickly I wanted to offer my thanks to all of you guys for being the most incredible readers and sticking with this blog despite its dramatic flip from featuring written posts into primarily photographic ones. At the time, I felt the change was necessary due to a couple of unforeseen problems that suddenly arose in early spring.

Enjoy your tea and I’ll see you soon.🙂

In The Nowhere I went: CLICK FOR POEM!

When You Left.

GC © 2016

When you left…

in the part of me

that yearned,

in the part of me

that burned,

I missed you everywhere…

and in that everywhere

of urgent longing,

I couldn’t find you anywhere

in the nowhere, I went.

Re-blogged from  When you left… — poems


I have been a fan of Gary’s poetry for a long time, however, what really caught me with this one was the line:  “in the nowhere, I went.” Those few words say volumes.

Blurry Pine Forest

from500px: Blurry Pine Forest by sorstrommen

There’s something about forests that bring back great memories for me.

When I was younger and living in England I would often ride my horse in the New Hampshire Forests. As if it was yesterday, I can still hear the soft thud that his hooves would make on the packed forest ground. It felt as if there was complete silence except for his hoof beats.

I found it freeing and also comforting wandering those forests with my horse.

Light Through the Clouds

from500px: **Light Through the Clouds** by Damian McCudden Photography

Some people only accept “true” or absolutely untouched photography as the “real” thing. However, from knowing a photographer in the past I have learned that very rarely does such a thing exist. Therefore, I’m fine with photos that have another step of enhancement added.

via from500px: **Light Through the Clouds** by… —

Future Daisy Storms

Daisy in a Storm.

Having the correct and acceptable positive attitude does not grant us any greater amount of control over inevitable, unseen, and unknown future circumstances. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to “think” or “attitude” oneself out of life’s storms.

Perhaps a more realistic perspective would be to accept the unknown, traverse these storms, and come out the other end with an appreciation for the beauty of a simple daisy.  ~ Amanda

<a href=””>Future</a&gt;

Our view out the backdoor

This is our view directly out our back door. Sometimes the sunrises are so spectacular and full of beautiful colors. The wisteria lines the fence and the trees frame the sunrise.

via Our view out the backdoor | Manvel, Texas Photographer — Sonya Lira Photography

I have been a fan of Sonya Lira’s Photography for a long time, therefore, I am pleased to offer this beautiful example. This gorgeous sunrise and her beautiful backyard make me want to move to Texas!